Renewable electricity autarky

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Autarky is

Possibility for renewable electricity autarky in Europe

This map visualises the possibility for renewable electricity autarky in Europe --- for all municipalities, all regions, all countries, and all of Europe. Possibility for autarky means being able to fulfill local electricity demand with 100% renewable electricity from wind and solar power generated locally.

Areas will not be able to become autarkic when their local electricity demand exceeds the potential of renewable electricity generation. The potential used here is based on technical constraints and some social constraints; for example we do not allow generation on environmentally protected areas and we also prohibit open field solar electricity on arable land. We call this potential the "technical-socal-potential" and you can find the exact definition in our peer-reviewed article, see below. Technically, much more electricity can be generated, and thus we consider autarky impossible only if local electricity demand exceeds a potential based solely on technical constraints:

The data is taken from the peer-reviewed article: Tröndle, T., Pfenninger, S., Lilliestam, J., 2019. Home-made or imported: on the possibility for renewable electricity autarky on all scales in Europe. Energy Strategy Reviews 26. If you make use of the data in academic work, please cite the article.

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